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Probate/Trust Testimonials

Probate and Trust Lawyer & Fiduciary Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with real estate professional Mark Lima over the past few years on multiple trust properties. Mark is not only highly competent in selling trust and probate real estate in Southern California, but he has developed skills and resources that enable him to work with tenants occupying properties as well as sourcing and supervising property renovations when necessary.

As an experienced licensed fiduciary with $85M in assets under management, I’m confident in stating that Mark understands the potential liabilities of trust/probate sales. Any professional or non-professional trustee/administrator should have no hesitation in engaging Mark Lima for their next real property sale. 

Rob Saslow, CLPF #772

I am a Professional Fiduciary that works out of Los Angeles and Orange County. I have worked with Mark Lima for about two years now and I can only say good things about his work, dedication and communication skills.

I have given Mark quite a few interesting cases to manage and ultimately sell properties and he took everything in stride and made me look really good. I am so appreciative of him to take on the cases he has with me and helped me tremendously in making my cases productive.

Caitlin Cogan, CLPF #974

I have worked with Mark Lima on a number of probate and trust real property sales over the last several years. I have found him to be adept and knowledgeable in the procedural aspects of these types of sales which is frequently not the case even when brokers/agents who claim to be probate “experts.” In addition, Mark has gone far beyond the normal functions of a listing agent to deal with any and all problems that presented themselves, including issues that required him to engage in personal physical work and dealing with troublesome tenants. 

Mark has demonstrated that he is current on market conditions, property valuation and utilizing appropriate marketing techniques to maximize the return on properties for which he is responsible. Further, Mark communicates well with attorneys and interested parties. He frequently provides status information even when not asked. I am especially pleased with his demonstrated ethical approach and understanding of his role in this context.

In short, I highly recommend Mark as a real estate broker, without reservation.

John H. Lejneiks, Attorney at Law

I am a Trust and Estate Attorney in Huntington Beach, CA. I have been practicing for nearly 20 years and currently have a caseload of over 50 Probate and Trust Administration matters.

I have known Mark for 5 years and have worked with him in over 10 real estate transactions, many of them in Huntington Beach.

It is through my many interactions with Mark that I am pleased to offer these reservations.

  • Mark Hustles. I have not encountered another real estate agent who delivers service like Mark. He has driven my clients to the airport as a courtesy. He has organized repair, cleaning and moving crews, at his personal expense, to assist in client’s real estate efforts. He has sacrificed his personal time to attend to his client’s needs. He goes the extra mile(s) to ensure his clients know they are well cared for by their agent.
  • Mark Provides Outstanding Results. Mark utilizes social media, internet, video and proprietary marketing skills to maximize his client’s selling potential. He manages every detail throughout the sales process. He routinely exceeds client expectations and delivers results that bring tangible and intangible benefits to his client.
  • Mark is Highly Proficient in the Huntington Beach Real Estate Market. Mark lives and works in Huntington Beach and is committed to being the best in this market. He knows every residential street in the city and his knowledge of trends, conditions and attributes of Huntington Beach makes him the go-to professional in Huntington Beach.
  • Mark is Highly Proficient in Probate Real Estate Transactions. Mark is skilled in navigating the complex and often litigious arena of Probate Real Estate transactions. Mark understands the timelines, notices and particularities involved with a Probate sale. His attention to detail has smoothed out the rough edges of this complicated work, benefitting all parties involved.
  • Mark is a Community Asset. Mark has been a coach, teacher, fan, congregant and supporter of the Huntington Beach community. His social media platforms recognize and highlight local businesses and he is a champion of enterprise in Huntington Beach.

I highly recommend Mark Lima as a real estate professional, especially in areas of Probate and Trust real property transactions.

Trent C. Marcus

I have known and worked with Mark Lima for almost 5 years in matters involving sales of real property from conservatorship estates, trust estates and probate estates. While most sales transactions have been routine, some have not. Mark’s ability to craft creative solutions in difficult situations all while protecting his client and their attorney is an invaluable resource for a Fiduciary. He knows the Southern California real estate market better than most brokers and can anticipate problems that most real estate professionals cannot foresee. He is thoroughly familiar with the probate sale process and truly understands what goes into the niche business of probate sales.

Mark is a problem solver, expert negotiator, and a deal closer. I wouldn’t list a property without him.

Martin J. Lejnieks, CLPF #999

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