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In today’s complex and ever-changing real estate market, selling a home can be a complicated and time consuming process filled with many challenges. Because of this, selecting the right real estate firm to partner with in selling your home can be the difference between great success and overwhelming failure.

Long gone are the days of simply placing a for sale sign in the front yard of a property and having the house sell itself with little-to-no effort or help. The market we face today requires much more effort, hard work, and industry expertise than that. Simply put, when you sell your home there are no guarantees that a buyer will simply walk through the front door. Furthermore, if that buyer does walk through the front door, there are no guarantees that they will be willing to submit an offer for your home.

From the moment that you decide that you want to sell your property, through the entire sales process, and all the way to the close of escrow, we professionally manage the entire transaction, keeping you fully informed and worry free.

Furthermore, by implementing innovative, yet proven, marketing and sales techniques, along with an unparalleled work ethic, Lima Real Estate Group will ensure that your sale is done in the most expedient fashion possible.

When you partner with The Lima Real Estate Group, you can count on a specialist who can answer ALL of your questions, apply in-depth knowledge of current market conditions, and access extensive resources that can expedite the sale of your home.

As a Listing Agent, Lima Real Estate Group will help you

Become, and Stay Informed

  • We will help you get valuable information on the market conditions in your area and help you understand the information presented to you.
  • We will answer all of your questions before, during, and after the selling process in order to ensure that you are always informed and comfortable.
  • We will provide you access to the MLS so that you can see what properties are selling for in the local marketplace.

Get your Property Ready for Sale

  • We will provide you with expert advice and recommendations pertaining to the steps you can take to maximize the sales potential of your property.
  • We will help you obtain any needed contractors or service providers.
  • We will help you set a sales price based on extensive market research and knowledge of current selling conditions in the specific market in question.

Market the Property

  • We will employ innovative marketing techniques, in addition to traditional methods, in order to ensure maximum exposure for your property.
  • We will hold open houses for you.

Selling and Closing the Property

  • We will employ proven sales techniques to help persuade passive or casual buyers into motivated buyers who put in offers on your property.
  • We will negotiate with any potential buyers or buyer’s Agents on your behalf.
  • We will manage all aspects of the escrow process.
  • We will ensure that all of your needs and interests are taken care of and protected.